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NovaCustom – Known from configurelaptop.eu:

Customized. Just for you.
Configure custom computer
Delivered to your wishes, nothing less, ready for use.
Windows, Linux or both
Linux, Windows and dual boot computers
Full freedom of choice in software. From Windows to Linux or even both.
Endless options, perfect fit.
Endless options custom PC
Choose the processor, graphics card, memory and storage yourself.
Fastest delivery time
Fast delivery custom mini PC
Delivery from direct stock delivered within 1 to 3 business days.
Very best warranty service
Fast warranty service
3 year warranty, repairs within 5 working days. Service that you can expect.

Why NovaCustom?

NovaCustom stands for an extremely personal experience when it comes to purchasing your next laptop or mini computer. You only have one point of contact – and that’s me. I install your mini computer and do a quality check. If you are nevertheless unsatisfied, you can simply return your purchase within 14 days and you will receive a full refund.

Wessel Klein Snakenborg


And yet so powerful. You make your own choices throughout your life. Then why not when purchasing a mini PC? Do you let suppliers determine the components? At NovaCustom, you can determine the components yourself. Configure this small computer to your own wishes. There are countless options in many ways: from the processor to the software. I install your small computer and deliver it ready for use.


Sometimes it is necessary to upgrade the computer with more memory or a larger storage chip after a few years. This is absolutely no problem: your warranty will not expire if you replace something. Provided that you replace it in an acceptable way, of course.

Personal advice

I am happy to talk to you in the way that you like.

Chat with me, call me, send me an e-mail or send a WhatsApp message. I usually respond immediately at the chat and by telephone, via the other contact methods for a maximum of 24 hours. Your messages will usually also be answered during the weekend. Of course you can also call me, I almost always answer immediately. And if not, I’ll call you back later.

Windows and Linux

Your mini-PC is compatible with both Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux. You do not have to worry about compatibility issues. Just plug and play – no hassle with drivers!

No bloatware or unwanted software

I only install what you indicate. Nothing more and nothing less.

I also hate bloatware myself: bloatware is software that manufacturers supply to persuade you to purchase a software package. This software often makes your computer slow and the bloatware is difficult to remove. Make it easy on yourself and order a computer without bloatware.

You don't need to wait any longer.