Warranty Conditions

Right of withdrawal

Just ordered a PC from NovaCustom, but still not satisfied? Then you can enter your details for further processing within 14 days via the RMA form below. After these 14 days you have 14 days to actually send the PC. For more information about the right of withdrawal, see the General Terms and Conditions.


In addition, we use a guarantee period of 24 calendar months. Different terms may apply to the screen. Exact terms have been agreed during the ordering process and are also stated on the invoice.

Warranty conditions from NovaCustom

You are entitled to a good product. That’s why you get a warranty on this product. The warranty period is 2 years after the purchase date. This can be longer if you have opted for a longer guarantee period. This period is stated on the invoice. Did the PC fail (partially) within this warranty period? Then you are entitled to a guarantee! This guarantee means that the repair costs of your product are covered. The buyer is responsible for ensuring that the product ends up at NovaCustom, for example by sending the PC. NovaCustom does not assume any liability for this shipment. Once the PC has been returned to NovaCustom, keep in mind that it will take a maximum of one calendar month before you get the computer repaired again. On average, a warranty repair takes 7 days. Sometimes it is possible that your PC cannot be repaired. You can then receive your full purchase amount back, or we will send you an alternative with your permission. The following rules apply to the return of products under warranty:

  • The computer is not exposed to temperatures below 0 ° Celsius and not above 50 ° Celsius.

  • The defect is not a software error.

  • The computer has had no fall or water damage.

  • No other objects are placed on the computer.

  • The computer is not exposed to magnetic fields.

  • No excessive force has been put on the computer.

  • The computer is not exposed to dust and dirt, which means that the device is no longer functional.

  • The adapter that may have been supplied has not been used for other PCs, and your PC has not used adapters whose type number differs from the original supplied copy.